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Behavioral Psychology/Psicologia Conductual, 2017, Volume 25, Number 1.

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Abstracts from Behavioral Psychology/Psicología Conductual,

2017, Volume 25, Number 1



Development and validation of a new social skills assessment instrument: The Social Skills Questionnaire (CHASO)

Vicente E. Caballo, Isabel C. Salazar, and CISO-A Research Team Spain

University of Granada (Spain)


Severity and change in personality disorders

Juan M. Ramos, Juan M. Sendra, Aintzane Sánchez, Ana Mena, and Carlos Rodríguez

Dr. R. Lafora Hospital, Madrid (Spain)


Parental care in childhood and borderline personality disorder

M. Carmen Míguez, Vanesa Fernández, and Beatriz Pereira

University of Santiago de Compostela (Spain)


The predictive role of psychological abuse and emotional regulation in emotional dependency

Janire Momeñe, Paula Jáuregui, and Ana Estévez

Deusto University (Spain)


Motivation Questionnaire to Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle: Adaptation of the Treatment Self-Regulation Questionnaire 1

Roberto Ferriz1, Álvaro Sicilia2, and María Jesús Lirola2

1CEU Cardenal Herrera University, Elche; 2University of Almería (Spain)


Withdrawal behaviors and mental health among college students 1

Tim M. H. Li1, Chun-Tung Li2, Paul W. C. Wong1 y Jiannong Cao2

1University of Hong Kong; 2Hong Kong Polytechnic University (China)


Determinants of condom use among young adults: The role of preparatory behavioral strategies in the theory of planned behavior

Catherine Potard1, Emmanuelle Caballero2, and Robert Courtois2

1University of Angers; 2François Rabelais University (France)


Gender differences in the use of the Internet in Spanish adolescents

Sandra Golpe Ferreiro1, Patricia Gómez Salgado1, Sion Kim Harris2, Teresa Braña Tobío1, and Antonio Rial Boubeta1

1Universidad de Santiago de Compostela (España); 2Harvard Medical School (Estados Unidos)


Application of cognitive remediation therapy in adolescents with an eating disorder: A pilot study

Sandra Peinado, Yolanda Quiles, and María J. Quiles

Miguel Hernández University, Elche (Spain)


Hypochondriasis and intrusive illness-related thoughts: Development and validation of an assessment instrument 

Sandra Arnáez, Gemma García-Soriano, and Amparo Belloch

University of Valencia (Spain)


New controversies in Health Psychology: A noise free analysis

Xacobe Fernández-García1, Sergio Sánchez-Reales2, Javier Prado-Abril3, Bernat Carreras4, Alberto Gimeno-Peón5, and Sabela Bermúdez-Míguez6

1CSMA-1, Institut Municipal Serveis Personals, Badalona; 2CSM Jumilla, Hospital Virgen del Castillo, Murcia; 3CSMA Tarragona Nord, Hospital Universitari Institut Pere Mata; 4EAPS Sant Joan de Déu, Hospital General del Parc Sanitari Sant Joan de Déu de Sant Boi, Barcelona; 5Práctica privada, Gijón; 6CAM Iturrama, Complejo Hospitalario de Navarra (Spain)



On the future of Clinical/Health Psychology in Spain: Controversies and ways of integration

José Antonio Carrobles

Autónoma University of Madrid (Spain)


A psychological analysis of Donald Trump

Vicente E. Caballo

University of Granada (Spain)