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Behavioral Psychology/Psicologia Conductual, 2016, Volume 24, Number 3.

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Abstracts from Behavioral Psychology/Psicología Conductual,

2016, Volume 24, Number 3



Cognitive behavioral group intervention in adjustment disorder 

José M. Sanz, Isabel M. García, Miguel Á. Cuquerella, Isabel Cano, Eva Jorda, Jesús Blasco, and Eva Carbajo

University General Hospital of Valencia (Spain)


Experiential learning of therapeutic skills and analysis of their usefulness depending on the personality

José Ruiz, Arturo Bados, Adela Fusté, Eugeni García-Grau, Carmina Saldaña, and Teresa Lluch

Universidad de Barcelona (España)


Social skills training in the university formal context: effect on the social skills to work in teams and on social anxiety 

Santiago Mendo Lázaro, Benito León del Barco, Elena Felipe Castaño, and María Isabel Polo del Rio

University of Extremadura (Spain)


Fibromyalgia: effect of a cognitive behavioral treatment with and without biofeedback on psychopathological symptoms

Maite Garaigordobil1 and Leila Govillard2

1University of Basque Country; 2Deusto University (Spain)


Global clinical benefits of cognitive-behavioral therapy for insomnia and mindfulness-based therapy applied to fibromyalgia: systematic review and meta-analysis

M. Pilar Martínez, Elena Miró, and Ana I. Sánchez

University of Granada (Spain)


Child-to-parent violence: frequency and reasons for the aggressions against parents

Esther Calvete and Izaskun Orue

Deusto University (Spain)


Differential effect of paternal and maternal parenting style during adolescence

Ana Teresa García-Moral1,3, Inmaculada Sánchez-Queija2, and Isabel Gómez-Veiga3

1Northern Jaen Sanitary District, Úbeda; 2University of Sevilla; 3National Distance Education University (Spain)


Design and validation of the Compulsive Obsessive Symptoms Scale for Parents (CESOC-P)

Josefa Canals1, Núria Voltas1, Carmen Hernández1, and Josep Toro2

1University Rovira y Virgili; 2University of Barcelona (Spain)


Assessments of traumatic brain injury patients in Southeast Iran

Heshmatollah Ghawami1, Mahvash Raghibi1, Bahman Kord Tamini1, Behrooz Dolatshahi2, and Vafa Rahimi-Movaghar3

1University of Sistan and Baluchestan; 2University of Social Welfare and Rehabilitation Sciences; 3Tehran University of Medical Sciences (Iran)


Validating the temporal Satisfaction with Life Scale in the Spanish elderly: a bifactor model application

José M. Tomás1, Laura Galiana1, Amparo Oliver1, Patricia Sancho2, and Sacramento Pinazo1

1University of Valencia; 2University of Zaragoza (Spain)