Delimitación de subtipos clínicos en la fobia social

Defining clinical subtypes in social phobias (pp. 429-458)

Soledad Quero1, Rosa María Baños2, Cristina Botella1, and Myriam Gallardo1

1Jaime I University of Castellón; 2University of Valencia (Spain)

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 The heterogeneity that characterizes Social Phobia (SP) has produced a heated debate in recent years which has led different authors to recommend the inclusion of different subtypes within this diagnostic category. In consequence, a first aim of this work was precisely to analyze how the subtypes proposed by Turner (Turner, Beidel & Townsley, 1992) and Heimberg (Heimberg & Holt, 1989) differentiated a sample diagnosed with SP in relevant psychopathological and clinical variables. Secondly, we set out to examine the utility of the situations listed in the ADIS-R (DiNardo et al., 1985) as heuristics in realizing SP typologies. Overall, the results of this study pointed out that, regardless of the classification taken into consideration, the participants who feared a broader range of social situations showed a higher degree of psychopathology. Finally, three possible SP subtypes were derived from the cluster analysis of the situations listed in the ADIS-R: Fear of Public Speaking, Restricted SP and Generalized SP.