We offer sure payment using Visa, Mastercard with Paypal

PayPal allows to the companies or consumers to have e-mail to send and to receive payments in Internet of sure, comfortable and profitable form. The network of PayPal is based on the financial existing infrastructure of bank accounts and credit cards to create a global solution of payment in real-time.

This way he will be able to pay with card of credit, card of debit or for bank account, without revealing either his number of credit card or his financial information.

For his safety it requests that the clients who choose for this way of payment are users Verificados de Paypal. If it wants to register an account PayPal, it can do it during the process of payment. Nevertheless to verify his account it will need to complete a series of steps that PayPal will indicate him and his account once verified will be able to be used to realize a sure payment.

PayPal is a limited corporation registered in the United Kingdom. PayPal Inc. happened to be a property of eBay in October, 2002, and it is located in California, the USA. PayPal gained in the SIIA Codie Awards 2002 the award to the " Better solution of electronic commerce " and there is recognized by PC Magazine as one of " The 100 best Web pages ".